2.5 ft. * 6 ft. Flex for Billboard, Banner, Advertisement etc.

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About the Product

2.5 ft. * 6 ft. Flex Design for Billboard, Banner etc.

Dimension: 2.5 ft. * 6 ft.

Material: PVC flex

Print type: One Sided

Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical – please upload design accordingly

ITEM: Custom_Flex

Upload your content requirement ( or rough sketch) / design through the button below.


2.5 ft. * 6 ft. Flex Design for Billboard, Banner etc.

Dimension: 2.5 ft. * 6 ft.

Material: PVC flex

Print type: One Sided

Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical – please upload design accrodingly

ITEM: Custom_Flex

Packed by: HDD Enterprise

ASIN: HDD032802050001

Quality: Classic/Premium/Deluxe


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.


Q. What is the difference between standard and custom products?

Standard products are products that have a predefined design. Our executives have already designed certain products for you based on certain themes so that when you don’t feel like designing – we would still have you covered. Just run through our catalog and select a product.

As the name suggests – custom products are the ones where you upload your design or a rough sketch and we finalize the design for you and send the final finished product to your doorstep. 


Q. How does delivery at Prindia work?

PrIndia provides you with a guaranteed 7-day delivery. You need not worry, we ship your personalized product as soon as possible – generally within a day. We have partnered with Delhivery for the best and seamless delivery and a hassle-free customization experience.


Q. How does Customization at Prindia work?

Simple, Choose any of our Products categorized as “Custom”. You will find an upload image button alongside the product specification. Just upload a rough image (Even hand-drawn images work), or a design that you want to customize. Our designers will reach out to you to finalize the design and once it is done we’ll ship the final product to you in no time. You get your customization done with one click on your phone – no hassle, no tension.


Q. What is the size of my custom design?

Custom design can be of any size based on the type of product involved. See product specifications for more details. 

For T-shirts, it is usually 11 inches by 8 inches. For mug, it is of the standard mug size of 11 oz. For office supplies etc. please check product details for more info.


Q. Can we pay by COD or Credit/Debit Card or UPI?

Yes, at this moment we accept all kinds of payments from cash on delivery to any mode of online payment. You can select your mode of payment at the time of checkout. Our payment gateway is powered by PAYU and is 100% safe and secure. 


Q. How do returns work?

For standard items (i.e. products in the standard category) we provide a return window of 3 days. Custom items are not return-eligible. 


Q. Do we have a moneyback guarantee?

For items pertaining to their respective return policies, all of our products entail a moneyback guarantee. The Prindia family customizes together, your money is safe with us – always.

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